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D Starts First Europe Tour! Their Thoughts after 2 Performances

D has started their first ever concert tour overseas and is currently energetically traveling all over Europe. D recently sent a message to MJP.
Having completed 2 performances, they shared their thoughts about the tour and also addressed a message to the fans that are waiting for them.

Now that they have begun touring Europe, what are the D members thinking about?
Through this mini-interview you'll be able to see how excited they are about the tour!

※The photos in this article were taken by the D tour staff accompanying the members. Enjoy the photos along with the interview!!

<ASAGI: "We were able to feel that they had been really looking forward to seeing D.">
――Today's May 9th. You have just finished performing in Paris, France, and Amsterdam, the Netherlands. What are your current thoughts about the tour?

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