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Mad Tea Party vol 10

2008.3.12 released! Oversized Mad tea party MAGAZINE Vol.10 Issue!
Emergency Special Edition just before Major Debut !!!

D dismantling(~I think I translated this word wrong... More like "Dissecting D") new book
the outcome of the Rose ~ Time goes by
All of Rose's ~ Treasure Days

Emergency Special Feature from February 23 Last indies tour nationwide in a ambition before D's impending major debut.

Follow in this section D from the past and to the future,

■ luxurious glossy photo shoot down!
■ all members of past photos posted in one swoop!
■ personal interview
■ 20,000 letter group interview
■ D chronology, things that currentrly can't be seen on the web diary, member columns, a story/novel written by Asagi, etc. 

Unprecedented 200 Pages!!!

Released March 12, 2008
JPY pretax Limited Edition 2100yen (special price)

Its not on any site for preorder yet. I'll post them here when I get them
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